Read On To Answer The Question Of What Is A Chronograph?


What is a chronograph? In basic terms, a chronograph can be explained to be a timepiece capable of telling time in the usual format (12-hour) as well as counting discrete units of elapsed time.

Most people confuse a chronograph with a chronometer. Though the two are somewhat similar, the latter is a very accurate type of timepiece. In fact, it is officially certified as such.

The two functions of the chronograph operate independently. For the time-keeping unit, the operation is just like any other traditional watch. There are different forms of this timepiece.

There are traditional mechanical pieces as well as modern wristwatches. There are also digital versions, as well as hybrid forms. The hybrid ones are comprised of mechanical as well as digital parts, with an integrated LCD display.

The chronograph definition is usually very precise. For a timepiece to be termed thus, it must incorporate both a stopwatch and a standard time telling piece. However, some people mistake any moving timepiece to be a chronograph.

In modern times, the timepieces are being made with side buttons for controlling the elapsed time functions. If you have understood this, then you have answered the question of what is a chronograph.

The chronograph watch definition has some form of relation with the origin of the name. It is believed that the modern day single name originated from the two Greek words ‘chronos and graphos.

The former means time interval and the latter means to record. Put together, it is clear that a chronograph is an instrument used to record time intervals.

A Swiss quartz movement is a very precise form of movement. Basically, the watch makes use of a tiny crystal of quartz. This crystal is set to vibrate at a very precise frequency when electricity is passed through it.

This part of the watch is known as the acrystal oscillator. This is the base of the timepiece, the part which enables it to tell precise time.

Whether it is a digital or an analog chronograph the same mechanism is used.  Since electricity is needed to set the crystal vibrating, a battery is usually used to provide this electricity.

That is not the only way, however, in which these pieces are powered. There are a number of innovative ways of powering them. For example, some of them are designed to turn the mechanical movement of the arm into electric power.

Those who like their watches accurate use these pieces. The chronograph movement makes those watches very accurate. There are those whose jobs or hobbies require precise timing, they also use these pieces.

For example, athletes can use them to time themselves during training. For these people, the question of what is a chronograph does not rise anymore, since they use it every day.

So, what is a chronograph? It should now be clear that only timepieces which can tell time as well as record discrete intervals of time qualify for this title. The Swiss, who are known to produce high precision instruments of high quality, are some of the best manufactures of these timepieces.