Wedding Tents Are Commonly Used For Outdoor Receptions

Wedding tents are used outside in conjunction with wedding receptions. These large tents are available in various sizes to accommodate the type of outdoor event they will be used for. People will find these items available as commercially sold products as well as items available for rent.


If a wedding is being orchestrated by a professional wedding planner, the planner will be the one to obtain the tent for the event. The size chosen to use is often determined by how many guests will be attending the reception as well as whether or not, tables will be set up under the covering.


In the line of classic party rentals, the wedding tents are not the only type of coverings available for use. There are a number of smaller styles designed as outdoor gazebos, which can be made using a spring style frame.


This type of frame is often referred to as a pop-up style, because the entire gazebo simply pops into place when the frame is unfolded. The basic design for an outdoor event tent or gazebo uses for posts to hold the overhead awning in place. The awning is often made of a canvas material, which has been treated to repel water.


The line of outdoor tents includes styles designed with side walls and decorative drapes. The draped material is gathered around the posts and bound to create a more elegant design for the structure. While the wedding tents usually come with awnings in shades of white or cream, there are actually a lot of different colours available to choose from.


People can purchase or rent an outdoor tent made with a more vivid blue, red or yellow covering. There are also several coverings available with festive striped designs. These are often used for gala events where the organizer may also be using a cotton candy machine rental.


The wedding tents can be set up for use during the day and evening hours of the celebration. The tents can be illuminated in the evenings by adding several sets of string lights around the edges of the awnings and around the posts used to hold it up. If tables are set under the covering, small candle lights can be placed on the tables to provide more illumination for the interior of the tent. When a large crowd of people is expected, several tents can be placed next to each other to provide enough cover for all of the guests attending the reception.