Learn How To Choose Your Wedding Ring

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Select Your Forever Wedding Ring


Couples marry with a view to spending their entire life together. The newly-weds vow they will stay together until they die, but forever is a very long time, so you should choose your wedding band accordingly.


They say your wedding day should be the best day of your life; the radiant bride will walk down the aisle in her designer dress, whilst you look on in awe. Ideally, the sun will be shining so that your wedding plans will go without a hitch.


However, you should pay great attention to one aspect of the marriage ceremony. The bride and groom exchange rings as a symbol of their never-ending love, so it is important to select forever wedding bands. So, why should you choose matrimonial jewelry with care?


Until a few years ago, every married couple chose gold rings. Golden wedding bands were the height of fashion, so everyone invested in matching gold rings. However, times have changed and jewelry trends have altered too. Soon-to-be-wed couples no longer pick traditional gold wedding bands, even though gold is considered to be one of the most precious metals worldwide. Couples now choose from a huge selection of different kinds of wedding rings.


Popular Wedding Ring Metals Include:


. Platinum                . Gold               . Silver               . Tungsten


. Titanium                . Palladium        . Chrome            . Stainless steel


The Platinum Wedding Ring


Platinum bands are popular because the white metal provides the perfect setting for diamonds. The lustrous metal makes the gemstones appear brilliant. If you already own a diamond engagement ring set in platinum you will probably opt for a platinum wedding band. This elegant and durable precious metal is ideal for securing diamonds and gemstones securely.


Silver Rings


Silver is a hard-wearing metal, but less rare than gold or platinum. Solid silver bands are attractive and handmade silver rings are popular for those working to a budget


Titanium Rings


High-grade Titanium is often used to create unique rings. The strong metal is 100% hypoallergenic; hence it makes the ideal wedding ring for anyone with a metal allergy. Titanium is used to create new age jewelry. The hard-wearing, long lasting metal never loses its luster, so a titanium wedding ring will look good for many years to come. The lustrous metal makes elegant wedding bands for both sexes.


The Tungsten Wedding Ring


This hard, shiny, bright metal is a popular choice for men’s wedding bands. Many affordable rings are made from this scratch-resistant metal.


Palladium Wedding Bands


Palladium is a rare silvery, white metal.  You can expect to pay twice the amount for platinum, so you could save money if you buy Palladium rings


Chrome Rings


Cobalt chrome has a bright white finish. This hypoallergenic metal does not tarnish or fade. A chrome wedding ring will retain its shiny appearance for many years to come.


Stainless Steel Wedding Bands


Stainless steel is the perfect metal for men’s rings. This tough metal is easily formed into chunky contemporary jewelry using specialist techniques.


Stop and think before you pop into the local jewelers to buy your rings. Don’t choose the first piece of jewelry you see because the rings must last a lifetime. You will wear the band for the rest of your life, so pick a suitable pair of wedding bands.


Invest in a Comfortable Wedding Ring


Rings are made from various metals and anyone with a metal allergy should choose their jewelry carefully. Look for a well-designed band that fits your finger perfectly. Ask the jeweler to measure your finger to check your ring size. Your chosen wedding rings should not pinch your finger or cut into your skin.


The Right Way to Wear a Wedding Band and an Engagement Ring


You bought the engagement ring long before you purchased the plain wedding band, so does the engagement band go on top of the wedding ring or vice versa? Women who enjoy a traditional church wedding attend a dress rehearsal, so they learn how to wear their new wedding band. However, some brides may not fully understand how wedding rings should be worn.


Wedding Ring Etiquette


At some point during the wedding ceremony, the bride will be asked to remove her engagement ring. The blushing bride will be asked to slide the ring onto the opposite hand until the end of the service. When the bride is asked to hold her hand out to the groom, her fingers will be ring-free. When the couple are joined in matrimony, the bride may place the engagement ring on top of her shiny new wedding band.


This is the traditional way to wear the two rings together, however, some women prefer to wear shun tradition. Many women own an expensive engagement ring; hence they pop the wedding band on top to keep the expensive engagement ring secure. It is up to the individual to decide which way to wear the rings; onlookers should allow the bride to choose her own way of wearing the jewelry.


How to Choose an Engagement Ring


You, the groom-to-be have popped the question and your future bride has accepted your proposal. The majority of men are happy that their partner has agreed to get wed, but the stress creeps in when it’s time to pick an engagement ring. Some men worry they will buy the wrong ring. You should enjoy buying the engagement ring, so here are some tips to help you choose the perfect ring:


How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring for your Partner


Take your partner to town and study her shopping habits. Wander past the jeweler’s window and take note of rings she admires. If she knows you are going to buy the ring, ask her to try a few rings on for size. Those considering a surprise engagement should find other ways to help them pick the right engagement band.


Women love jewelry and many females own a couple of rings or more. Look at the rings she normally wears, or some she has bought for herself. If she is wearing a couple of gold rings, there is every chance she would choose a yellow gold or a rose gold ring, if she wears silver bands and white metal rings she may prefer a platinum engagement ring. Engagement ring cuts vary, but popular gemstone cuts include:


. Radiant cut

. Princess cut

. Heart cut

. Brilliant cut

. Princess cut

. Marquise cut


Your future bride might like to invite a friend or relative to the ring-fitting. When buying a wedding ring or and engagement band it is always good to have a second opinion.


Visit a few jewelry stores to find the best and most suitable ring to mark your engagement. Quite often, you will know the perfect ring as soon as you see it.


Online jewelry stores are popular and it is easy to choose an engagement ring online. However, you can’t shop for an engagement ring online if you want a surprise engagement. Online jewelry suppliers offer a wide selection of rings at affordable prices, whereas your high street jeweler may charge more.


Your future wife may say she wants a simple ring or a cheap engagement band, but believe you me; no bride wants a plain engagement or wedding ring. Set aside a sum of money and work to your budget. Learn how to get the most for your money by reading ring budget tips. Buy a classic, but stylish ring that will look good for years to come.


Chat with an expert jeweler to learn more about the 4 Cs of diamonds. These refer to the carat weight, clarity, cut and color of the stone.


Choose your wedding ring and engagement band lovingly to thrill your bride to be.


Plain Wedding Bands are Popular


The plain wedding ring is a best-seller, but diamond encrusted bands and rings embellished with precious stones are also sought after. However, there is every chance the plain wedding band is the most popular ring in the world. Gold wedding rings used to be all the rage, but many modern brides select plain platinum rings or shiny palladium rings.


Most wedding bands are simple, whereas many engagement rings are showy. So, why is the wedding ring so simple?


The Meaning of the Wedding Ring


The ring signifies the union between two people, so this significant piece of jewelry makes a statement. A wedding ring is an endless circle, symbolizing endless love and devotion. A marriage has no end, neither has a simple wedding band, so, in effect, the gold circlet is a powerful piece of jewelry. Wedding rings don’t need to be showy because their beauty is in their simplicity. The moment you place the ring on your partner’s finger you declare your “forever love”.


The majority of wedding bands are made from platinum or gold. A gleaming golden ring shows the world that you are part of a union. In recent times, young brides who strive to be different choose platinum bands or white gold wedding rings. Platinum rings are considered timeless and classic. In reality, it doesn’t matter what type of metal the wedding ring is fashioned from, because all wedding bands have the same meaning.


Check your Diamond Settings


Diamonds are special; in fact the precious gems are considered a girl’s best friend. Expensive gemstones must be cleaned regularly and diamond settings should be checked frequently. A damaged or flawed setting in a necklace, bracelet ring, brooch or earring could cause you to lose a costly gem.


A diamond is a hard stone. The precious gem should be cleaned and the setting should be checked. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are useful for those who clean their own jewels. However, jewelry embellished with precious stones should be professionally cleaned once a year.


Professional jewelry cleaners inspect the stones, check the stone settings and polish the precious metal.


Platinum, silver and gold jewelry should never be cleaned with chlorine bleach. The hazardous substance causes untold damage to the metal. Chlorine bleach can discolor precious metals. If the bleach weakens the metal it will affect the stone setting. One hard knock could cause the stone to fall out of the ring setting.


Take off your jewelry before doing housework. Certain cleaning detergents have an adverse effect on jewelry and diamond rings. Diamonds are hard, but a bleach-soaked gemstone may split or chip.


Clean your diamond setting in mild soapy water. Wash the ring weekly using a soft brush to remove debris. When cleaning your wedding ring or engagement band check for weaknesses. The prongs that hold the emerald in your engagement ring may have worn, rendering the stone loose. Take care when cleaning pavé settings. Check the setting by pushing from front to back. Avoid scrubbing the back of the gemstone in case you dislodge the gem.


Many store unworn jewelry in a box in a drawer. Stored jewels should be cleaned in the same way. Remove rings, bracelets and necklaces from their jewelry boxes, polish the stones with a silk cloth and check the stone settings. Certain kinds of diamond are coated with a film to enhance the color, these diamonds should be cleaned by a specialist jeweler. Remember, precious stones should never be cleaned with bleach. Stone jewelry should be checked and cleaned professionally. An annual check and clean will keep the gemstones bright and shiny.


The wedding ring and the engagement bands are two of the most important items you will ever purchase. We hope our guide to buying a wedding band helps you to buy the perfect ring, a quality wedding band your partner will adore. The special piece of jewelry will mark your unforgettable occasion and act as a symbol of love for your partner. Ideally, you should look for the perfect ring at an affordable price. However, bear in mind, these unique pieces of jewelry are an investment for the future. Earn to die