Utility Audit Helps You Find Overcharges on Your Utility Bills

Utility Audit

Utility Audit is a service provided for auditing utility bills up to three years back. This service is provided for evaluation of your gas, electric, water, phone, Internet, data and sewage bills and the main purpose of this service is to find overcharges from local utility bills.

Program Details for Utility Audit

The A Power Company offers this service in order to find the money overcharged by utility companies to their consumers. The audit goes back three years in order to effectively recover the overcharged costs.

Once the overcharged costs have been discovered and established, the local utility companies are required to issue checks or cash refunds from 30 to 45 days after the successful audit.

Auditing Team Credentials

The auditing team of this company is composed of experts that are experts in performing audits, and most of them have been in similar fields for more than 30 years. These auditors have been performing auditing jobs in 48 states including Canada and Mexico.

All audits are effectively done to achieve quality results that will benefit the energy consumers. This means that each audit is performed with the main objective of recovering lost money due to overcharged utility bills.

The objective of the Utility Audit Service

The main objective of this service is to obtain refunds for any possible billing errors and discrepancies committed by utility companies. Another aim is to eliminate future overcharging, which will guarantee that the energy consumers will receive utility bills that are one hundred percent accurate.

Beneficial Results

Once the audits are done, the overcharging utility companies are required to issue refunds to their consumers. This provides the consumers the chance to recover the excess amounts of money that they have previously paid for energy and services that they have not used.

Every household and businesses should be aware that they have the capacity to get back the money they paid for overcharged bills.

The auditing team has the ability to come up with results that are direct, valid and effective so that only legitimate documentation on the findings will be presented to the local utility companies. As a result, the company is proud to say that they have effectively obtained one hundred percent of their proposed refunds, savings, and credits from energy suppliers and providers.

These results are achieved without the need for any legal action or to even involve the client in any discussions beyond normal. The company works professionally in order to achieve faster results that will prompt an immediate response from energy suppliers and utility providers.

Utility Refunds

Utility refund is what you will get if you avail of the utility audit service. The good thing about this service is that it works on a national basis, which means that no matter what state you are residing in or doing business with, you are covered and can benefit from it.

Utility refund service will get your money back on your behalf by recovering the charges you have paid for but did not actually owe.

Recapturing and Removing Error Charges

This service is essentially for the recapture and the removal of error charges, meaning that your overcharged payments will be returned to you and you will be free from any future billing discrepancies and errors.

Obtaining Bill Copies

Bill copies can be obtained from your utility suppliers and presented to the auditing company during or after the meeting. Your auditing company can also obtain billing information directly from the utility companies, provided that there is a letter of authorization from you.

Auditing Time Frame

From the time you have discussed your billing issues to the time the bills are obtained, you can expect about 6 to 8 weeks for the audit to be completed. During this time, you will be updated as to how the auditing process is going on and what the findings will be.

A summary report will be presented to you at the time the audit is completed. You will then be required to provide the auditing company with written approval before they can implement their recommended actions.

The summary report will be sent to the referring company, and an invoice will be sent to you once the utility company sends the refund.

Customer Reviews

Clients who have availed of this service are all satisfied one hundred percent with what they got after the audit. As they are saying, utility auditing has been immensely helpful for them in recovering the money that they have paid for the overcharged bills that they received.


The good thing about Utility Audit is that it is highly reliable to provide the best service in recovering lost money through bills that have been mistakenly overcharged. This means that if you avail of this service, you will also regain the amount of money you thought you have lost, and you also get the benefit of making sure that you will never again be billed mistakenly.