University Of Colorado College Of Nursing

University of Colorado College of Nursing offers Bachelor Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctoral programs.

Prospect students can join their professional yet friendly community.

Their credible faculty, modern facilities, and innovative curriculum empower the students to achieve their dreams in the nursing profession.


National League For Nursing

NLN is an organization dedicated to nursing teachers, health care agencies, education agencies, and the interested public, who are interested in nursing and care professions.

They offer nursing research grants, faculty development programs, testing and assessment, public policy initiatives, and networking opportunities, to more than 1000 institutional members and over 30,000 individuals.


What Is Nursing?

Nursing is the optimization, promotion, and protection of health and abilities, prevention of injuries and illnesses, and easing of suffering, through treatment and diagnosis of human response, and support in the care of communities, families, and individuals.


Nursing Salary

The salary of nurses differs from one country to another. It also depends on the nurse’s functions and positions in the hospital. In the United States, the annual base compensations for nurses are:

Nurse Manager – Long Term Care – $67,685

Nurse Practitioner – $90,642

Nurse Practitioner – Emergency Room – $94,312

Nurse Practitioner – Neonatal – $102,426

Nurse Practitioner – Nursing Home – $73,197

Nurse Practitioner – Specialty Care – $94,862

Nurse Recruiter – $65,886

Certified Nurse Anesthetist – ranges from $50, 000 to more than $150,000

Certified Nurse Midwife – ranges from $25,000 to more than $150,000

Charge Nurse – $71,715


Prerequisites for Nursing

For Bachelor’s Degree program, the prerequisites are official transcripts from the former school attended, essay questions, application fee, and coursework. For Master’s Degree program, a BS in Nursing is needed. For Doctoral programs, A Master’s Degree in Nursing is required.

In all the degree programs, a passion for nursing activities is needed.


Nursing Certifications

Nursing graduates need to be certified for them to be able to serve as nurses. The ANCC is the largest organization invalidating the nursing knowledge, abilities, and skills of the prospects.


Nursing Careers

There are so many nursing jobs that graduates can apply for. They can become a Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist, Case Manager, Director/CEO, Nurse Educator, Certified Nurse Midwife, Staff Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, or Manager/Administrator. Moreover, they can also follow other career paths such as Travel Nurse, Forensic Nurse, Medical Editor/Writer, Nursing Informatics, Supplemental Nurse, Entrepreneur/Consultant, Military Nursing, Research Nurse, Parish Nurse, Flight Nurse, Holistic Nurse, or Pharm/Med Sales.


Nursing Programs

Different nursing degrees are also available for prospects.

In Bachelor Degree program, they can choose from Nursing BS, Integrated Nursing Pathway, or RN to Nursing BS. In Master’s Degree program, they can take MS Program, Post-Master’s Certificate, MS-PhD Program, or MS-DNP Program. In Doctorate Degree, they can enroll to Doctor of Nursing Practice or Doctor of Philosophy.

In producing quality nurses, University of Colorado College of Nursing is one of the best. They have highly qualified faculty as well as competitive facilities and friendly environment.

By going to the University of Colorado College of Nursing, you can choose from the nursing degree programs they offer, and be trained as one of the best nurses in the future. Enroll in their programs now and begin to follow your dreams!