University Of Arizona College Of Nursing

What is Nursing?

University of Arizona College of Nursing is an established institution which offers world-class nursing programs for people who are interested in nursing. In order to become a nurse, you must first complete an associate program which can be done at a vocational school or college or complete Nursing Certifications.

At the University of Arizona, you would be expected to complete a four-year course in order to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Nurses who get a bachelor’s degree have a better chance of being promoted to management positions.

At the University of Arizona College of Nursing, you can complete the program and earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The next step would be to start working as a nurse.

Prerequisites for Nursing are quite exhaustive; you need to have a 3.0 GPA or a GED score of at least 500 and 1040 on SATs or a 22ACT score. These are the requirements for admission into a nursing program. If you are a transfer student, then your GPA needs to be 3.50 minimum.

The University of Arizona College has both a standard Nursing Program and accelerated programs. Regular programs take a minimum of four years to complete and the accelerated program can be done in 14 months. Accelerated programs are offered to those who already have a bachelor’s degree and want to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Popular Nursing Degrees and programs offered at the University of Arizona College of Nursing:


Bachelor of science in nursing

There is a bachelor program which can be pursued by anyone who wants a career as a registered nurse in any of the available Nursing Jobs. An accelerated 14-month program is available for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and want a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Graduate Certificate for Family Nurse Practitioner

This program requires students to have a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing. Some of the areas covered by the course include Health Assessment, Women’s Health and Geriatric health. Each student should complete 810 clinical hours and have 28 credits.

Graduate Certificate for Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

In addition to having a bachelor’s and master’s degree, students need working experience as registered nurses before they can apply for this course. In the coursework, students can expect to study physiology, pharmacology, and trauma.


Doctor of Nursing Practice

DNP can be applied for by students with a Master of Science in Nursing and all students are required to partake in a 5-day orientation. Three specialties are included in this program; pediatric, family and adult care.


Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

This is reserved for students who want to conduct research in nursing, further their Nursing Careers or teach at the university level. It takes 3 to 4 years to complete the program, and the whole course can be done online. A 5-day orientation is mandatory for students who apply for this program.

There are many employment opportunities for students once they complete their programs and join the workforce. The National League for Nursing ensures a thorough curriculum in all nursing courses so students will be more than capable of handling real nursing duties.

Nursing salary will vary from one nursing job to another, and the nursing program taken will also determine employment opportunities.

University of Arizona College of Nursing ensures all students have a high job outlook when they complete the course, and the 37,000 student enrollment only goes to show its place in academic excellence. Whatever the level of your qualifications, you will be able to have a career in nursing if you complete each relevant program.