Trinity College Of Nursing: How To Apply For A Nursing Program?

The Trinity College of Nursing has a reputable history of more than 100 years in the Quad Cities.

The nursing colleges were first established as four separate units called the St. Anthony’s Hospital School of nursing (1899), The Moline Public Hospital of Nursing in 1898,

The United Medical Center School for Nurses (1989) and the Lutheran Hospital School for Nurses (1916).

As time passed by, these individual colleges started to expand slowly and eventually, city authorities decided to fuse the programs together to create the single Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

What is nursing: Nursing Programs and Nursing Degrees Offered at Trinity College of Nursing?
At present, the Trinity College of Nursing offers Bachelors of Science in Nursing or a BSN and an Associate of Science in Nursing.

These degrees and the college have been approved by the Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Illinois State Board and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Students who opt for the two year associate of science degree can complete the course and acquire an RN degree.

The college also offers an accelerated LPN to RN program. For admission to this degree, students have to have a GPA average of 2.75 along with a minimum ACT score of 21.

Students also have to have additional courses in math, biology and human biology. The college offers three different types of BSN degrees and they are accelerated (BSN-A), basic (BSN-B), and the complete (BSN-C) programs.

Prerequisites for nursing admission into the BSN course include a baccalaureate degree, a GPA of 3 or more, completion of all basic course, personal essay, admission interviews, and a background check.

After completing the course, the student can sit for the state nursing certifications exam called the NCLEX-RN course for licensing.

Students can also sit for an additional exam hosted by the National League for Nursing of additional certification.


Nursing Salary

Most employers will prefer candidates who have completed their master’s degree in nursing. As a result, candidates who have completed their BSN degree have to study further.

On an average, candidates who have completed their BSN degree will get paid about $38,714 – $79,840 per year. Candidates who have associates of science in nursing or an ASN degree will get paid $34,995 – $78,296 per year.

However, candidates who have completed their master’s degrees will get paid about $30,913 – $87,385 per year and candidates who have a PhD will easily get paid about $48,331 – $83,576 per year or more.

Please note that these are basic salary packages and nurses will easily get additional incentives like 401(k) incentive packages, paid vacations, life insurance, educational reimbursement and malpractice insurance.


Future: Nursing Jobs and Nursing Careers

Most hospitals are willing to hire highly trained candidates from good nursing schools like the Trinity College of Nursing. These nurses will have the requisite experience and hospitals are willing to pay them highly for this reason. Furthermore, a few states have a demand for trained nurses who can care for a rapidly aging population.