Tablecloth Rentals: Celebrate In Style

Tablecloth Rentals should be on top of your list when organizing any party or event. It will instantly brighten up your place and once the party is over, you simply have to fold it and let them take care of the rest.


Like any other Classic Party Rentals, outsourcing your party needs is simple yet practical. Basically, they have what you need available in packages and the best part is, they deliver. They have a whole array of choices of themes and décor that you can pick one for each party. You do not have to purchase everything for yourself or worry about cleaning it up after.


From Cotton Candy Machine Rental, games, seat covers, utensils and equipment, they have everything you could possibly need. With Tablecloth Rentals, you just enjoy the party while your guests marvel at the beautiful decorations.


First, check what are the sizes and shapes that your table would come in. Normally, the tables would be rented separately from the Tablecloth Rentals. The two main shapes are square and circle. For round tables they are usually measured by diameter and the available sizes range from 90 to 132 inches.


When draping the cloth on top of the tables make sure that the hemlines do not touch the ground. If your guests would bring their kids, have the hemlines raised a bit higher as they would most likely step or tug on the cloths. For squared or rectangular tables normally, they have the standard measurements available as well like 90 x 156 inches or 72 inch square tables.


Second, decide how many layers you would like to have. Normally you have the plain white cover that covers your table and an overlay that adds the decoration. The overlay is usually shorter and smaller than the main cover.


The next thing to consider is the details. This would depend on the occasion and the formality of the event. Birthday parties for kids would require lesser fuss and yet something colourful to create the cheery ambiance. Meanwhile, adult guests would appreciate more elaborate details and fancier fabrics. For night time, you can use overlays with a bit of sheen on them like organza or satin. They usually come in matching table napkins, to place your utensils in with each setting.


Tablecloth Rentals has everything covered for you. You simply have to confirm at least two weeks in advance, pay the deposit or full payment and everything will be shipped or delivered to your place. It is the best way of hosting a great party less the fuss.