Snow Cone Machine Can Be A Major Hit For Your Next Party

A snow cone machine can be a fun addition to any type of party or social gathering, especially when children are involved. However, it is not just the youngsters who love snow cones, people of all ages tend to find these cool treats a great way to enjoy the festivities and cool down on a hot summer day.


There are many different types of syrup in a wide range of flavours that can be used to top these cool mounds of ice, but one favourite treat that is especially popular with the younger crowd is to combine a variety of flavours to make their own unique snow cone creations.


While renting a snow cone machine is certainly a wonderful way to add some fun and excitement to your party, there are other types of classic party rentals that can help you create a festive and very special atmosphere.


In fact, a cotton candy machine rental can help you create an especially exciting party because it always brings a sense of something special. These machines are easy to operate and are often one of the most popular forms of snacks at fairs and carnivals. However, even at a backyard gathering, you can enjoy the delicious aroma and taste of this favourite party item.


Whether you choose a snow cone machine or some other type of party rental equipment, be sure that you understand how to operate every piece of equipment you rent. These machines are extremely popular and can add a great deal of fun and excitement to any occasion, but you need to be sure that you not only know how to make them work, and  you have the necessary supplies to enhance the experience.


Of course, for making snow cones you will need a good supply of ice, as well as a way to keep it from melting. You will also need the paper cups to put your crushed ice into and an assortment of different flavoured syrups.


If you party will include cotton candy, you will need not only the machine to spin the sugar, but you will also need the cardboard cones to collect the spun sugar in order to make those large wispy clouds of cotton candy. Of course, you will also need the sugar that will go into the machine because you cannot simply use table sugar. These treats certainly do not need a lot of special ingredients, but you do need to be sure that you have the few basics on hand.


Renting a snow cone machine can be the highlight of many types of fundraisers and parties. Take a look at any community event, such as a fair or local carnival and you will see all types of people enjoying these treats. Even ball parks and other places where people gather to have fun will often have snow cones for sale because they know these are a treat that will always be popular.


Your Child’s Party Should Include A Snow Cone Maker


Have a party and make sure you rent a snow cone maker.  Do you want to throw a party with guaranteed success?  The success is in the snow cone, it could also be in the cotton candy if you take advantage of a cotton candy machine rental.  Children become quite exhilarated when they see a snow cone maker or cotton candy machine at a party.  The mere thought of all those sweet delectable flavours ignites their little souls.  Win them over by planning a party that includes both machines delivering hours of sweet concoctions to the little ones while they celebrate together.


The snow cone maker is an easy machine to operate when you understand that there are only three steps to the process of producing snow cones.  Load ice into the hopper which shaves it and scoop the shaved ice into an empty paper snow cone cup. Dispense one ounce of flavour into the cup and serve.  There are safety measures to observe because the cone maker is a piece of commercial grade equipment.


The blades are very sharp for shaving the ice, so at no time do you want to stick your hand in the hopper to dislodge any ice or anything else.  As long as the machine is being used never let a child operate it and only place ice in the hopper using the proper tools to push it into position to be shaved.


Classic party rentals include great equipment like a snow cone maker or a cotton candy machine either is sure to add joy to a child’s party.  The cotton candy machine has a floss pan and a spinner head where the floss is heated and then extruded.  Follow the suggested heat settings and adjust accordingly. In the off position, add the flavoured floss sugar directly into the spinner head.


Leaving it in the off position helps reduce spillage of the sugar floss in the bowl.  Turn the machine on and begin the heating process.  Start out on high heat and reduce the heat once the cooking has started.  When the cotton candy appears in the floss pan have your paper cone ready.  Do not get too close to the spinner head.  Keep the cone along the outside perimeter of the pan.


Turning the paper cone between your fingers, also move it along the floss pan adding layer upon layer of cotton candy.  Make sure that you do not make the cone size too large and serve it to the eager little mouths that anxiously await the sweet sensation.


While serving the snow cones or cotton candy you may require ear plugs to survive the loud pitched shrieks from the children shouting for their serving of the sweet concoctions.  If you survive the noise, you will live to see smiles of pleasure on their sticky faces when it’s all said and done.  Enjoy the wonderful day that the snow cone maker and cotton candy machine brought to your party.