Saint Anthony College Of Nursing

The Saint Anthony College of Nursing is a well-known institute based in Rockford, Illinois.

The college offers a range of nursing courses for candidates from all over the US.

The institute has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission and the Illinois State Board of Education.

If you are interested in taking up a nursing course and you’ve shortlisted this college; this article should be able to help you out.


What is nursing?

Healthcare careers are probably the most lucrative careers in the US. Doctors and nurses deal with a range of medical emergencies where they actually save lives. In recent years, a severe lack of doctors has developed in the US and most primary care facilities are now staffed with nurses who deal with patients to provide immediate care.

Even with doctors in a hospital, 24 hours backup care is provided by emergency room nurses as doctors cannot be with just one patient. Nurses can provide a range of primary medical care in the form of patient care, prescribing medication, suggesting lab reports, collecting the reports and analyzing them, and coordinating with doctors for complicated medical treatments.


Saint Anthony College of Nursing: Prerequisites for Nursing

There are no prerequisite qualities for the nursing profession. However, it is only fair to note that the career is extremely stressful. Nurses have to work long shifts caring for critically ill patients. Empathy, patience, patient communication skills, hard work, physical strength and an ability to compartmentalize their work from their personal life is a necessary skill.


Nursing Programs at the Saint Anthony College of Nursing

Most employers will prefer candidates with accredited Nursing Degrees from approved nursing programs. Candidates can choose from bachelor degrees, Associates degrees and then continue their education with a postgraduate degree and a Ph.D. degree.

To ensure that your degrees are accredited, we suggest you check the college on the American Association of Colleges of Nursing website and the National League of Nursing Accreditation Commission Inc. website or the National League for Nursing website.


Nursing Salaries

Even though average salaries in the profession are high, most candidates have to study for several years before they are allowed to work independently. For example, nurses with a bachelor’s degree have to study for an average of four years followed by work experience at reputed hospitals.

A bachelor degree is no longer enough and most hospitals and states have specified that nurses have to complete their post-graduate with RN or Ph.D. degrees in nursing. This will extend the learning and clinical time by at least five to ten years.

After completing the course, nurses have to complete NCLEX-RN course and acquire their Nursing Certifications for their basic as well as their postgraduate courses. Additional Nursing Certifications may also be necessary as the nurses complete their doctoral degrees.

However, the nursing salary will be commensurate with experience and experienced candidates with a postgraduate degree and experience can easily get paid anywhere from $67,000 to about $125,000 per year.


Job Outlook

Most nursing colleges like the Saint Anthony College of Nursing will have a recruitment division where you will be hired just as you pass out of nursing college. Nursing Careers are considered to the best careers in the US. According to the US Department of Labour, there is going to be an increased 20% demand for trained nurses in the US. As a result, Nursing Jobs are available even for trainee nurses as they pass out of college.