Review Sites And Buyer Guides For Every Item

We review products with detail and care as if we were ourselves searching to buy the best product in each category. We are concerned about having you make an informed purchase decision because we feel it is our personal responsibility to recommend only the best products and avoid making you waste good money on low quality, disposable products.

No cookie cutter reviews here. You deserve to know what you’re spending your money on before you ever pull out your wallet. In a world full of advertisements, consumer product reviews are golden. New consumer goods and services emerge to meet demands every day. People still trust word of mouth and some value it over any ad they may see. You may have grown tired of looking at reviews on Yelp. You may not appreciate sorting through angry complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.

There are many consumers product review and consumer report sites where you can get an honest answer about products and business services before you try them. New technologies are emerging all year long. Since you don’t have enough time to buy and try them all… you can read reviews.


Employment & Work

Review sites also serve a function as a business service. If you’re management or a business owner, you’ll want to get your site listed on a review site to let your customers do the advertising for you. Employment & work websites are perfect places to list your business, introducing yourself to potential customers. A strong presence online for your business is essential. Reviews are a great way to build up your reputation and let potential customers know what you’re best at.


Consumer product reviews

Citysearch allows you to compare different restaurants, health spas, shopping centers, hotels, and more. As the name suggests, Citysearch functions best when you have a product category, city, and state ready at hand. When you know what you want to search for, this site makes finding it easy. Epinions lets you look through reviews on millions of items. Expect reports on everything from cameras to vacuum cleaners on this site, as it doesn’t appear to have a specialty.

MerchantCircle is specifically for finding local businesses such as a beauty salon or mechanic. It’s a search-based site, so you’ll need to know what you’re looking for in advance. There are 2 million merchants listed on MerchantCircle.


Medicine websites/ Health websites

Find pharmacy websites, and holistic medicine, among other types. The website is visited by 100 million consumers who stop by and give their reviews. Whether you have a business that needs exposure or you’re trying to paint the most accurate picture from reports, this site is for you. Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ are great places to read reviews on social media.


Consumer reports

On the Consumer Reports site, you can access reviews of vehicles, home appliances, child items, electronics, and home & garden products. The site has more than 8,000 reviews and is visited by 6 million members. Consumer Reports also offers articles comparing a variety of items-from leaf blowers to headphone repair to shopping tips.


Product Review sites

Some review sites are specific to certain products, such as beauty review sites. Beauty lovers can indulge in sites like Beautypedia, Evergreen Beauty College, and Total Beauty. For reviews in the home & garden category, look at Gardening Products Review or

Review sites are meant to save you time and energy, so you may see resources on these sites to help expedite the decision process. For this reason, most review sites have buying guides for each product category. For example, if you’re looking for the best smart home speaker, you can review a buying guide to get a snapshot of 10 or more speakers. With this information, you can easily see which features a speaker does and does not have to choose accordingly. A good buying guide will compile lots of information that would take you a couple of hours to research.

Shopping is serious business. Honest reviews often provide the seal of approval needed for you to trust a new product or company. Any item you can think of has product reviews online for you to read. The sites mentioned here are genuine review sites rather than pure advertisements or a thread of complaints.