Where Is the Radeon HD 7970 in the Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart?

What is a Radeon HD 7970? Before going any further it is imperative to discuss the different components within a personal computer. There are several key components to a personal computer. The absence of one means that the computer will not work and these are the CPU or central processing unit, CPU fans, Random Access Memory, motherboards, hard-drive or HDD and power supply.

Another critical component is the graphics card. It is one of the most commonly updated critical components of the personal computer, especially for users who are into computer games. As computer games evolve and become more sophisticated, the games would require a better graphics card in order for the images to come out crisp and prevent lag time.

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Different Types of Graphics Cards

In most cases a relatively old graphics card will give the user a screen without any image and therefore unable to play the game. Fortunately for PC gamers and PC enthusiasts, there are different types of graphic cards that are available in the market. In fact, those who assemble PCs could buy two and link them together within the PC system in order to create better graphics.

Certain sophisticated graphics have its own Random Access Memory those that are less expensive do not have its own RAM and uses the one that is installed in the PC. Those with RAM built into the card provides a more efficient gaming experience.

It is easy to install a graphics card because there is a slot specifically designed wherein the user must insert the said component. It is important to know that a typical graphics card can use any type of connector. For example, it can use connectors like PCI, PCI-E, AGP and others.


The GPU within the Card

Another important component within the graphics card is the graphics processing unit or GPU. The GPU is like the CPU, however, the processing capability of the GPU is designed to help the graphics card process the graphics that has to be projected to the computer’s monitor. The capability of the GPU is measured in either MHz or GHz, a card with higher GHz or MHz means that it is faster and more efficient.

Different manufacturers are locked in intense competition to provide for low-end customers; these are users that require low profile graphic cards and usually are measured in the megabytes range. At the same time they are also battling each other to serve high-end consumers that require graphics cards measured in gigabytes such as high value gaming cards with 2GB RAM. A good example of a top of the line graphics card is the Radeon HD 7970.


The Hierarchy Chart

Go to your favorite supplier of quality computer components and they will provide you with a graphics card hierarchy chart to help you understand the value for money of the card. If one takes a closer look at the list, the Radeon HD 7970 is on the top of the list. There are plenty of good graphics cards in the market but nothing comes close to the 7970 because it is the only graphics card with a 28nm GP and is more efficient with a new GCN Architecture.