Power Box – The Best Tool for More Affordable Energy Consumption

Power Box

Power Box is an innovative tool that allows households and businesses to use affordable energy. It is everyone’s wish to have the ability to use energy properly and affordable.

Sometimes though, enjoying the use of energy is not a cheap option as electricity is a utility that eats up your cash flow. The good news for households and businesses is that there are tools and practices that can make it possible to use electricity in a truly affordable way.

Power Box from a Trusted Supplier

If you are looking for an efficient power box, you can count on A Power Company to supply you with exactly what you are looking for.

This company offers these tools that are specially designed for households and small business use. These plug-in energy management solutions provide users with energy that are efficiently utilized, which helps in the effective reduction of consumption over time.

This tool makes use of capacitance that will increase the efficiency of the appliances that you have like Air Conditioning units, Refrigerators, Freezers, Washing Machines and Dryers, Dishwashers, electric Fans, Garage Doors, Water Pumps, and even your Swimming Pool.

Installation for Households and Small Businesses
Installation of this tool is quite easy; it is recommended to just plug it into the outlet close to a building’s circuit breaker panel. By doing this, you accomplish the best way to affect each inductive power load on that particular part of the panel.

Sometimes though, such location may not be available and if that is the case the power box can be placed to the same or the nearest circuit breaker.

Benefits of Using Power Box

There are many benefits that you could gain from using this energy-saving tool. One such benefit is guaranteed savings from your monthly energy consumption.

These products are manufactured using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, which make them highly effective. This, in turn, gives you guarantee that you get up to 8 percent savings within the first year of its installation; this is simply satisfaction guaranteed like no other.

Savings Evaluation

Another advantage of purchasing this tool from this supplier is that the company, upon the client’s request, offers a saving’s evaluation after the first year following the installation. The evaluation process will require the submission of the 12 concrete monthly electric bills that correspond to the first year of the installation period.

These bills will then be evaluated against the previous year’s bills in order to find out the difference in kilowatt consumption before and after the installation of the energy-saving tool.

If there is an increase in the energy consumption within the first year of using the installation, the user should send the original documents – the bills that correspond to the year before the installation and the year after the installation as well as the original invoice of purchase.

If the 8 percent reduction in the kilowatt usage is not obtained within the first year, the company has the right to change the installation. In case the 8 percent less consumption is still not achieved, the tool will be removed, and a full refund will be paid by the supplier.

Savings Guaranteed Period

The first year after the installation of the system is considered as the savings guaranteed period. When the 8 percent reduction of the average kilowatt is obtained within this period, the guarantee becomes void.

The same thing happens if the original purchaser makes any modification to the product or to its components.


The company or the supplier of the power box warrants that the product has defect-free materials and components. The workmanship is also well guaranteed to be absolutely great that the product can be expected to work for a long time.

The warranty is voided if any parts of the product were subjected to improper use or services. Alterations and repairs done by unauthorized representatives or electricians can also cause the warranty to be voided.

Service warranty is only applicable if the defects are not caused by product abuse, misuse or neglect. Purchasers of the products are also encouraged to provide regular maintenance because failure to do so may result in damage that is not covered with the warranty.

The product should also only be used in manners that are recommended by the supplier. Failure to do so will also void the warranty.

In case damage to the product did occur and it is included in the warranty coverage, then the supplier will send an authorized representative to check the installed product and set a schedule for repair by their certified electrician.

Important Things to Remember

Purchase of the product does not automatically make the purchaser eligible to avail of the warranty service in case of damage. The warranty registration form should first be either filled out online or sent back to the supplier.


A Power Box is an energy-saving tool designed to allow the user to enjoy the lower-costing energy. It also gives them the chance to lower their kilowatt usage, which is essential in order to save money on energy bills.