Popcorn Machines: Perfect For Your Movie Night

Popcorn machines are perfect for any event especially for your movie night. If you want something different for your party, watching a movie with friends is a good reason to hang out and bond. This way, you let the movie do the entertaining, it is affordable and everyone loves it.




For the theme, one can duplicate the atmosphere of a movie house. Giant movie posters, red cushioned seats, low light and so on. Another theme could be done outdoors, like a drive through.


No matter which theme you select make sure though that the Popcorn machines are easy to spot. For additional fun ask for a discount to add a Cotton Candy Machine Rental and place it side by side.




Usually the theme determines what kind of movie you would showcase. Simply rent a projector to be shown on a plane wall or white banner. You can go for old classics or popular chick flicks for a slumber style party. Meanwhile for your male friends you can have something with action films or even sports. Make sure you have alternative films to show in case your guests stay after the movie is through. The last thing you want is a quiet room with a huge blank space.




To get the feel of the theme, your decorations should be consistent with the colours, the era and the other details. If it is a retro theme then symbols from that decade should give you a hint. Or you can play with colours like pastels or pinks for a Breakfast with Tiffany theme. These can be applied on the tables where the food are and on the rest of the tables’ centre piece.




Now that you have Popcorn machines, the next thing to consider is the kind of food and beverages that you should serve. Light snacks like sandwiches, cake, finger foods or even hot dogs should do. We want to keep it in tone with the popcorn balls so think comfort food like nachos and cheese. For drinks, you can serve anything from soda, beer and light punch. Since it is more casual, you can serve the food in disposable plates and utensils. A buffet set-up would be best since people would most likely gather in front of the screen once the movie starts.


Popcorn machines help everyone get in the mood of the movie ambiance. One machine should be enough for 100 guests. For guests more than that either you double your supplies or rent another machine. Simply get the service of Classic Party Rentals and your party is all set.


Popcorn Machines For Sale


The newest popcorn machines for sale are available for classic party rentals. Entertain your guest with this fun food to eat. Use these machines along with a cotton candy machine rental to serve a quick and fun food at any event. Parties of all kinds will benefit from the use of a popping machine. Get poppers in different sizes, eight ounce, two and a half ounce and the popular four ounce hot oil popper. Any of these machines would be great for a tail gate party for popping up corn while watching the football game or for the Saturday night sleepover. There are dozens of reasons to use a corn popper.


The swirl of cotton candy has always intrigued people with its melt in your mouth status. Make this delicious treat at your home by renting an easy to use cotton candy maker. Never has entertaining been so simple, when you rent a cotton candy maker and purchase a popcorn popper your party is already a success. People love these foods and the machines make the job of making these items easy. Some cotton and popcorn machines are free standing with a stand and others sit on the counter. All styles pop up great popcorn ready to eat in minutes, for a movie or a great party.


Carnival colors make these distinctive machines stand out. These machines are easily accessorized with bags and popcorn for the popping. Thinking of cotton candy and popcorn, carnivals and county fairs come to mind. Well, get that same feeling with popcorn and cotton candy maker to use at your event. There are so many styles Nostalgia Electrics, Kettle, Home Theatre, or College Popcorn Poppers. With these many styles you will find a variety of ways to enjoy popcorn and cotton candy.


Popcorn machines for sale are the easiest way to get this wonderful experience for your family on regular intervals. Make popcorn any day of the week for your own amusement, and enjoy one of life’s great entertainment foods. Watch your friend’s line up just to get a bag of popcorn, or a taste of sweet cotton candy. With the use of your party rentals your event will be transformed into a festive affair. In years past a county fair filled with swirling cotton candy and popcorn was the height of the harvest season. This feeling still exists when people get together for food and fun.