Popcorn Balls For Your Children’s Party Needs

Popcorn Balls are everybody’s favourite. From kids to adults, nobody can resist this delicious treat. Now before you buy that Popcorn popper from home TV shopping, why not consider renting one first? Classic Party Rentals have a lot of party supplies, decorations and machines that you can rent for your party. From Cotton Candy Machine Rental to table cloth and napkins, they have everything you need and more.


Outsourcing the tables, cloths and the food processors is a great idea because it saves you both time and money. You only pay for the item as you use it, and simply have it picked up after the party. That saves a lot of space from your kitchen too. Because of these savings, you can also spend more on the food or your child’s presents.


Planning a party for your little one should be easy. For one thing, they are easy to please when it comes to food, anything fried, sweet and yummy should be good for them. Popcorn Balls would surely be a big hit so make sure you have supplies that have at least a minimum of 100 servings. Try to do a taste test with your own kids so that you do not have to purchase all the flavours available.


Normally kids go for fried chicken, spaghetti, ice cream, cake, desserts and so on. It does not have to be heavy since they would be too busy running around with their friends or checking out the mini games you have in store.


For the games consider having games for children of all ages if you would not be able to determine earlier your visitor’s age. You might also want to have a parent and child game so that adults could join in the fun too.


Now just because you are serving Popcorn Balls, does not mean that you cannot go with different themes. These would go with any theme you may choose. It can be mythical or fantasy, their favourite cartoon character or retro style. Nowadays packages include decors, party flavours and fun packs. If you want to keep it simple, just decorate the area in your child’s favourite colour and add a contrast colour or print to brighten it up.


Popcorn Balls would be great not only for your kid’s party but even for adults as well. You just have to rent the popper in advance and purchase the ingredients for the flavours you want. Or just add a hundred dollars more and you already have everything set for a hundred people.