Mennonite College Of Nursing: A Good Career Option

The Mennonite College of Nursing located in Illinois State is well known for its high-quality nursing programs.


The college was established in 1919 to provide high-quality nursing education for interested candidates.


As the college expanded, newer and better programs were established and the college now provides a range of educational nursing programs including an MSN and a Ph.D. program.


How good are the Nursing Programs at the Mennonite College of Nursing?

Nursing is considered to be one of the most lucrative careers in the US at present. If you are interested in a nursing career and are located in Illinois, Mennonite College should be your first choice.

The college has world-class faculty who consistently win awards for their teaching expertise. Apart from the staff, the college also has one of the best clinical programs in the state.

Tutor to student ratios averages about 1:8 and this is considered to be the best in the state. To provide students an all-round education, the college has installed state-of-the-art computer labs to train the students on a virtual patient before they move into hands-on clinical rotations.

The teaching faculty is so good that the college has had an annual 97% pass grade in the national licensing exams with almost 90% of the students passing in the first attempt.


What Are The Nursing Degrees Offered By The College?

The college offers a range of degrees and all of them have been approved by the State of Illinois Licensing Board for Nursing Education.

Along with the state approval, the college has accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the National League for Nursing Education.

The degrees offered for students include a prelicensure BSN, an accelerated BSN, and an RN to BSN bridge program that is offered at undergraduate level.

The college also offers postgraduate courses like the Master of Science in Family Nursing or the FNP, a Nursing Systems Administration or an NSA degree and a Clinical Nurse Leader or a CNL degree.

Certificate options in the form or a post master’s degree in Family Nursing are also offered. After the post-graduation, students have the option of sitting for a Ph.D. program for a doctoral degree.

The student has to sit for and clear the Nursing Certifications NCLEX-RN exam for state licensing as well. The college has a very stringent admissions policy and prerequisites for nursing admission include a GPA average of 3.0, good SAT scores, an RN degree, admission essay, personal interviews as well as references.


What are Nursing Salary: Average Nursing Salary Rates?

Hospitals are more than willing to offer competitive salaries of about $41,328 – $91,395 per year for candidates who have trained from reputable college like the Mennonite College of Nursing.

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, Nursing Careers are at a peak right now. The US is experiencing a severe lack of trained nurses and Nursing Jobs are expected to increase by 25% in the coming decade.

Trained nurses are especially in high demand in rural locations to offer primary medical care for the sick and the elderly.