Medcenter One College Of Nursing

Medcenter One College Of Nursing


The Medcenter One College of Nursing is a very well-known college for nursing education with over ten different hospitals located all over the state of North Dakota.

Each hospital has more than 50 beds with specialty clinics and an attached nursing college.

As a result, the nursing program is very well recognized and more than 200 students compete for admission into the prominent course.


How to Choose a Good College?

Most colleges offer a range of courses in nursing like an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, a postgraduate master’s degree and a doctoral degree in nursing.

The college offering the course should be accredited and affiliated with a national board of education. For example, the Medcenter Nursing College is approved and licensed by the North Dakota Board of Nursing, the Higher Learning Commission for Nursing Education as well as the CCNE

Candidates who have completed their nursing degrees from such approved institutes are allowed to sit for the national Nursing Certifications exam commonly referred to as the NCLEX_RN.

Candidates can also sit for addiction licensure from institutes like the National League for Nursing.

Please note that most employers will prefer a candidate who completes a doctoral degree and the necessary licensing and certification exam.

These candidates will be more likely to get paid a better nursing salary. On average, most nurses can expect a nursing salary that ranges from $44,190 to about $95,130 or more.

For students interested in The Medcenter One College of Nursing and The Nursing Programs
The Medcenter One College of Nursing offers nursing degrees by which students will get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a BSN degree when they pass out.

Prerequisites for nursing admission at the nursing college include an official high school transcript, the filled in application form, a minimum 3.5 GPA average along with a preparatory course in nursing sciences or human biology.

After filling in the form and attaching all relevant details, the admissions panel at the college will evaluate the form and then call in candidates for an interview.

There will be a mandatory health check and a background check to verify the details that are offered by the candidate before the interview. A CPR certificate is also required along with a pre-admission drug test before admission to the course.


What is Nursing? Why is there a Higher Demand for Trained Nurses in the US?

Nursing Careers are considered to be one of the best streams in the US. Currently, there is a severe lack of trained nurses in the US as nursing programs are expensive.

Moreover, admission into the program is quite strict and is often accompanied with a background check, a criminal check, and a drug test.

Nursing colleges in the US are also facing a severe shortage of trained staff who will train new candidates in the profession.

According to the latest statistics, there is a projected demand for more than 3,444,900 nurses with an equal number of nursing jobs for trained candidates.

Accredited nursing centers like Medcenter One College of Nursing are also expected to increase their seats to deal with the shortage.

The nursing sector is also expected to expand by 25% in the coming decade. This means that jobs for nurses expected to grow much more than any other sector in the coming decade.

The demand for trained nurses has occurred to an increase in the number of aging people in the US followed by an acute shortage of trained doctors.

In most outpatient families and emergency centers, nurses from primary care providers due to this shortage of trained doctors.