Margarita Machine And Classic Party Rentals

Are you planning an adult party that may also entertain children, and then you are probably seeking some great entertainment props like a margarita machine and a cotton candy machine rental.  Both machines will be hits with the differing age groups.  The children will not be able to partake of the margaritas, but the adults will indulge in some cotton candy. These classic party rentals will liven the festivities up and put smiles on everyone’s faces.


The margarita machine rental requires that you provide your own alcohol, the rental company will provide as many drink flavours as you are willing to order.  They also provide margarita salt, nine gallon mixing containers, enough flavour mix for up to 70,9 ounce drinks, 40,9 ounce cups and straws, plus the margarita machine.  Using the machine demands the use of a 110 volt outlet and water from the faucet.


The margarita machine is easy to operate.  Add all the ingredients into the margarita machine, one by one.  First add one part Tequila, the add one part Triple Sec, as much add mixer as you would like, then finally add loads of ice. Cover all of the lids and crush the ice.  Serve in margarita glasses and add salt around the rim if desired.


The cotton candy machine rental is slightly more complex.   Prepare your floss sugar for pouring into the spinner.  Pour it into the spinner while the machine is in the off position.  Fill it to 95% capacity.  Turn on the spinner and the heat.  The floss sugar will begin coming out of the spinner in fine web-like candy.  Take one of the serving cones and spin it with your fingers as you spin it around the bowl gathering more and more cotton candy.  When toy have a thick cottony mass on your cone, serve the cotton candy to a guest and start making another cone.


Clean the cotton candy machine bowl and spinner between flavours.  Clean the margarita machine between flavours also.    You’ll find using classic party rental machines can bring a lot of pizzazz to a party, especially if you take good care of the rental machinery, so that the next person that uses it has a clean well operating rental machine.  A cotton candy machine brings the varying flavours of floss candy alive and a margarita machine with or without alcohol livens up the taste buds of the adult attendees.