How To Get Manitowoc Ice Machines For Your Event?

Manitowoc ice machines are the best ice machines in the US at present. High quality machines are their trademark and the company was the first to produce aesthetic ice machines that can be used at home or at commercial establishments to produce pure and clean ice.

However not everyone can afford to buy the actual machine for themselves.  It is a far better option to rent Manitowoc ice machines for special occasions. For example, there are large rental companies like Classic Party Rentals and the Cotton Candy Machine Rental Company that have a large range of ice machines, cotton candy machines, bubble gum machines etc. that can be rented out for special occasions.


Most rental companies will offer a complete package deal when you rent their machines. For example, when you rent an ice machine or a cotton candy machine, the company may offer you the services of a server who will prepare the cotton candy or bubble gum or soft drinks and serve it to your guests. This is much better than getting your person to do the serving.

A trained server supplied by the company also means that you will not be blamed if anything goes wrong with the Manitowoc ice machines as it is being operated by a trained professional. The company will also provide the machine with a sanitary cover which ensures that the machine is safe to use and providing the best food products that you have ordered. Some companies also provide snow cone, popcorn machines, nacho machines and even rotating gyro machines that come with servers and materials that are put in to the machine.


When you are ordering Manitowoc ice machines, make sure that you check that the machines are calibrated to your guest list. That means usually a machine that requires about $100 as a rental produces ice that is enough for 50 guests. Make sure that you check how many servings are provided by a machine. Ice machines require about twenty minutes to provide a new set of ice and the first set should cover this time lag by producing enough ice for your guests. Cheaper machines may have a lower service capacity and may require a longer time to boot up. Larger machines will also require a large deposit that has to be paid up front. Usually, the machine will come with its own supplies like the sugar mixture for the cotton candy machine and the corn for the popcorn machine.