The Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse Reveiw


The Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse has a magical history. You might be surprised to find out that the very earliest dollhouses were not actually intended for children.

The dollhouse origins date back to Europe of the 16th century, when they were not known as ‘dollhouses’ but rather as ‘Baby Houses’. In fact, despite being referred to as a baby ‘house’, these items were not in any recognizable house form.

The women and children of this era took great pride in assembling and decorating these doll houses. Dollhouse sets and dollhouse furniture were born! Then there is the birth of Kidkraft Majestic Dollhouse furniture and dollhouse accessories.

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The ‘baby house’ originated in the Bavarian area of Germany. This was a place rich in woodland with a plentiful supply of the timber that was required to build a dollhouse.

The early dolls house also made the appearance in Holland. The town of Nuremberg came to be a center of the miniature making industry.

The sixteenth century holds the first examples of the dollhouse. This house was actually a miniature cabinet. Inside the cabinet were several rooms carved into it. Inside the rooms miniature furniture was placed.

The hobby of decorating these “rooms” can’t be denied! The bond that is created by decorating and assembling the dollhouse furniture by mother and daughter is without words to describe the joy.

So what then was the reason for the construction of these cabinet rooms? In Germany, the main intention was to instruct young girls of the family in the art of domestic housewifery, in order that they would know how to run a house when they married.

It was a slightly different situation in Holland, where the Baby House served no real educational purpose but represented an object produced merely for enjoyment.

These were astonishingly well crafted cabinets in which rich Dutch collectors could proudly display their sumptuous miniature possessions.

The purpose of these cabinets was to showcase the fine craftsmanship exhibited inside. They were filled not with routine items but beautiful items of furniture, silverware and porcelain.

Examples of the finest craftsmanship in dollhouses are for example, the KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse is the ultimate Southern home for your little girls dolls!

In this four level wooden mansion, your child will enjoy the luxuries of this most elegant dollhouse including 6 rooms of open space, 13 pieces of colorful furniture, wide windows for full access, and outdoor patio area! Accommodating fashion dolls up to 11.5 inches tall! this gorgeous dollhouse measures 33.75″ x 13.5″ x 51.25″.

Next, the Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse is filled with details young girls are sure to love, like windows that open and close and adorable heart artwork that stretches across the roof.

This dollhouse also comes with a whopping 19 pieces of furniture, including a gorgeous grand piano and bunk beds with a ladder. If a little girl wants her dolls to truly live in style, this is the dollhouse for her!

The Mansion is over inches wide and almost five feet, providing tons of space for taking care of girls’ favorite dolls. This adorable dollhouse is exact replica of a real mansion!