Franco Sarto Casual Shoes Reveiw


If you own a pair of Franco Sarto Casual Shoes, then rest assured that you own an heirloom pair of shoes. Designer Franco Sarto is the driving passion behind this range of shoes and his collections have been a well-kept secret with eth rich and the powerful. However, he now plans to expand his range to include footwear that is open to the masses as well.

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A little about the designer

Franco Sarto was born in Dolo, a small city based on the outskirts of Venice. Even when he was small, he had an overwhelming interest in shoes and fashion. By the time he was 14, he had managed to find a job in a shoe factory and he was actively helping on the design floor.

By the time he has 20, Franco knew shoes inside and outside but that was not enough.  He wanted his own business and footwear range. It was not enough to make shoes for everyone else according to a stock design.

He wanted to make his own shoes that were based on his own inspiration and style and eventually he went moved on to Stra which is actually the centre of shoe manufacturing and design in Italy.

The new place created overwhelming inspiration and eventually, Franco’s inherent design sensibility came to the fore and he partnered up with another designer to make his own fashion line.

The designer line picked up quickly and it made him popular and well-known. Till date, Franco sketches all of his designs and is well known for his unique pieces.


About the Franco Sarto Shoes collection

Although Franco is well known for his beautiful signature collection of shoes, very people know that he builds his shoe collection for comfort primarily. His years of working as a cobbler led to an understanding of the female foot and the stresses they have to bear while standing, cooking and working.

As a result his unique female Franco Sarto Boots, Franco Sarto Sandals, Franco Sarto Casual Shoes, and Franco Sarto Dress Shoes are primarily designed to be comfortable rather than fashionable. His years of working as a cobbler resulted in inherent understanding of shoes.

As a result most of the Franco Sarto Casual Shoes range is comfortable and beautiful as well. A few of the best features in the shoes include low 2 inch to about3 inch heels that are broad based.

The shoes also have a good firm heel counter that helps to set the foot firmly into the shoe without slipping.

The sole and heel materials are also specially made to provide support to the delicate foot bones. Most of his Franco Sarto Casual Shoes are also made on a wedge heel pattern to ensure that pressure is distributed evenly on the delicate feet bones.

Along with the formal heels, the company also retails a whole range of informal sandals, boots, and slip-ons that you can choose from.

At present, most of these shoes are retailed through his personal website, but you will also be able to find Franco Sarto Accessories and collections at online websites like etc.

The entire Franco Sarto Casual Shoes range is also retailed at Nordstrom at full price and discounted rates as well.