ECCO – Best In Shoes And Accessories

ECCO is multinational organization spread over 50 countries, with its headquarters in Denmark. Leading shoe manufacturers in the world, the company is known for its innovative designs, and very comfortable footwear. ECCO’s shoe designs are inspired by current trends in fashion and art, and influenced by developments in society, car industry, and architecture.


The organization is also famous for its leather tanneries, and ranks amongst the top five leather producers in the world. All ECCO shoes have a major proportion of leather in them, which is of the best quality and sourced from the company’s tanneries. The combination of quality material and superior designing results in shoes that is supple, light, and comfortable, having a perfect fit. The range of accessories includes various types of handbags that are also made from superior quality leather.


The constant endeavor of the organization to find innovative designs has resulted in a huge range that is difficult to find in factory brand shoes. ECCO uses an effective combination of automation and manual craftsmanship, which helps in large-scale production without sacrificing the competence and abilities of its skilled employees. The organization has made great strides in introducing robotic technology in its manufacturing process, and has superior direct injection systems.


Most people shopping by brand around the world always prefer ECCO shoes, as they have quite a large choice, and quality and comfort is always assured. Men and women’s collections include choices for formal footwear, sports shoes, training shoes, golf shoes and a range of handbags and other accessories. For kids there are separate collections for boys, girls, and infants, ranging from sandals, sport shoes, and formal footwear. ECCO has maintained its leading position on the world platform, as it has never compromised on the quality of its materials, kept up with innovative designs according to prevalent trends, and has focused on making its shoes comfortable and better fitting.