What Is A Chronograph Watch Definition?

A chronograph watch definition is sought after, largely because many people own these watches but do not really know what the term “chronograph” means.

The truth is that this word came from the 2 Greek words “chrnos” and “graphos”. The latter word means a space of time, whereas chrnos means “drawing” or “noting”. In other words, a technical chronograph definition is simply “anything that notes the time”.

Based on this definition, you might be inclined to think that any watch could be considered a chronograph. However, in reality a watch is only considered a chronograph today if it both displays the time and also acts as a stopwatch.

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While most people think of stopwatches as being a modern invention, these watches actually began in the 1800s.

The term officially began in 1776 when Jean-Moyes Pouzait invented a device that could keep track of the length of time of the flight of projectiles.

While the idea behind the watch started in the 18th century, the first one was not actually invented until 1821. However, it took them awhile to catch on and become as popular as they are today.



There are 2 kinds of these watches-digital and analog. The former have separate displays for the stopwatch and the display portion.

To change from the stopwatch portion to the time display, there are generally buttons on the side, although more and more they are being placed on top.

On the other hand, the analog display the time in the larger dial portion of the watch while the smaller sub-dial is used as the stopwatch.

In a lot of instances these watches have multiple sub-dials which have multiple functions.



These watches are sold in a number of different designs. Obviously you can get a modern digital design, which is what is usually seen when they are used for sporting events.

However, there are also more upscale designs that would go better with a suit and tie or more formal attire. Which you get really depends on what kind of clothes you will be wearing with the watch.

Chronographs are sold in a number of different materials. The more popular ones include aluminium, steel, plastic and titanium.

Which you get depends on the style you are going for, and of course how much you want to pay. In order to gets a full appreciation of all the different styles, try going online and doing some shopping.

Here you will see the various styles available, and will get a better idea of which one you would want.



So what is a chronograph? The basic definition is that it is any watch that keeps the time and also acts as a stopwatch.

Whether you are looking for a top of the line Swiss Quartz Movement Chronograph Movement watch, a cheap titanium one to use at sporting events, or anything in between, you can find one that meets your price range. Just take your time, shop around, and you will find that fits your budget shortly.