Chronograph Movement And The Relation It Has To A Watch


Chronograph movement is sometimes misunderstood in the watch world.

There are many different watches in the market that serve various purposes.

It can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand which watches are best suited for an individual.

Diving and waterproof watches are good for people to wear while swimming.  Others are more appropriate for everyday wear.


What Is A Chronograph?

A chronograph is a precision stopwatch that is capable of measuring the lapses in time with great accuracy.  Many of these watches can come close to a fifth of a second.

Instead of being involved with a watch’s movement, the chronograph definition has to do with the complication of its movement.  This describes advanced functions like moon phase or calendar display.


What Is A Chronograph Watch?

A chronograph watch definition is a time piece that is able to work as a stopwatch along with keeping normal time.  Chronograph movement is usually split into three different time dials.

This watch may have different kinds of movement, such as quartz, and have different complexities at the same time.  A chronograph is different from a chronometer in that the latter is a timepiece noted for having certified accuracy.


Watch Movement

A watch’s movement is the part of the timepiece that is used to calculate time that is passing by.  It is the meat of the watch, just like the motor of an automobile.  Chronograph movement includes an hour wheel and a separate minute wheel that is constantly driven by a gear train.

There is also a chronograph pinion and a minute counter that can be stopped and reset.  It is a normal watch movement with hands along with a counter of time with the ability to be returned to zero.

Watch movements are manufactured by different companies from various parts of the world.  When a person buys a new watch, it is this part that is covered under warranty.

Watches will have one of the three types of movements; automatic, mechanical, or quartz.  Automatic movement has mechanical movement along with a design that is self-winding.

This kind of movement is good for everyday use.  They typically gain and lose a small amount of time each month.  They are made with durable construction.

Mechanical movement must be wound every 1-2 days.  They also gain and lose a few minutes every month.  A high quality timepiece with mechanical movement can last a lifetime.

Quartz movement gets its power from a battery along with a quartz crystal.  Usually the battery must be charged once a year.  Better quartz movements have a kinetic feature.

Quartz movement is very reliable and barely loses any time throughout the year.  These watches are very affordable and do not need as much maintenance as others.

Swiss quartz movement signifies that the parts of the watch were manufactured and assembled in Switzerland.  This area of the world is one of the most popular places that movements are produced.  Swiss watches are known for quality craftsmanship.

Chronograph movement allows a watch to have the ability to act as both a stopwatch and a normal clock.  There are quite a few types of watches on the market.  Finding a timepiece tat has good movement will ensure that it will last a long time.