Chronograph Definition: What Is A Chronograph Watch?


Princeton WatchesChronograph Definition surfaced up in 1821 when Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec invented the chronograph. It is a type of a watch that also performs as a stop watch. The watch can be set to zero using the stem. The first chronograph movement was created to please King Louis XVIII, who had a love for horse races.

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The King wanted to time the races and ordered a device that could time the horses, and hence Rieussec created the stop watch. The first use of the watch was at the Champ-De-Mars races, where each individual horse was then timed. Before the races, no one was familiar with what is a chronograph.

The modern day chronograph watch definition states the chronograph as a device for recording the epoch of an event.  An older form of the watch was an astronomical chronograph, which used a drum rotation at a constant speed with an electromagnet to trigger the pen. The clock signals then made time marks, and these along with signals of the observer created the time period.

The current chronographs use digital printing. Another type of a chronograph definition uses rotating wheels that carry numbers. Yet another type of the chronograph definition accumulates time units electronically, and keys are used to print the output of the recordings.

The modern Swiss quartz movement utilizes a tiny shard of the mineral quartz. The stone makes a vibration when electric current passes through it. This crystal oscillator along with other circuitry of the timepiece creates a time signal in digital or analogue form.

The Longines DolceVita Gents Chronograph has a Quartz Chronograph, a stainless steel case, 3 subdials for stop-watch counters and seconds. The watch has anti-scratch sapphire crystal and is water-resistant to 30 meter.  Tissot uses a good movement and any watch that can use the same movement offers good value.  The high-end brands use very refined and polished movement, and that adds to price.

The Citizen Ecodrive Mens Watch is a popular watch that uses mineral glass with night visibility. The watch is made of stainless steel and measures both distance and speed. Most athletes like it, and it is now a bestselling Citizen watch.

Seiko Quartz Chronograph watches are quite elegant and stylish. These watches use superior chronograph movement. The Seiko Sportura has a stopwatch that can calculate up to 12 hrs in 1/20 sec increments.

All stop watches use a chronograph movement. There are many Swiss chronograph movements in production today. Valjoux 7750, ETA 2894-2, Zenith El Primero and Lemania 1350 are widely used, beside other movements.

Valjoux 7750 is a 25 Jewel workhorse used commonly by Franck Muller, Baume & Mercier, Cartier, and other high-end watch makers. The ETA 2894-2 is cutting edge with 37 Jewels.  The ETA is available in various configurations.  To name a few, this movement is used by Tag-Heuer, Chopard, Omega, and Baume & Mercier.

The most popular chronograph movement of all times is the Zenith El Primero. This movement was created in 1963-4, and it is now used with some improvements in modern watches. It is an integrated 31-Jewel movement, and world’s fastest mechanical chronograph.  Daytona by Rolex featured this movement before Rolex created its own.  Tag Heuer Calibre 36, Panerai, Roth, Ebel, all uses this movement.

The Chronograph Definition helps one understand the modern stop watches that are a favourite with the sporty people. There are various Swiss and Japanese brands that use advanced features to capture the target market. The first chronograph movement was created to please King Louis XVIII, who had a love for horse races.