Blessing Rieman College Of Nursing: A Complete Guide

The Blessing Rieman College of Nursing is a prominent nursing institute located on the banks of the Mississippi River, Western Illinois.

The college is easily recognizable due to its prominent architecture and wonderful location. The college of nursing is attached to the Blessing Hospital which has a rich and varied history.

The nursing program was established in 1891 and has been going strong since then with more than 4000 alumni working in different hospitals all over the world.


Over the years, the college expanded and improved the nursing curriculum to include BSN, MSN, and a doctoral program.


What is Nursing: Nursing Degrees and Nursing Programs offered at The Blessing Rieman College of Nursing

At present, the Blessing Rieman College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree or a BSN, a Master of Science in Nursing Degree or an MSN and an RN-MSN degree for interested candidates.

The college also offers three more streams by which candidates can acquire a nursing degree and they are the BSN basic track degree, an advanced placement BSN degree, an LPN to BSN bridge degree, an RN to BSN bridge degree and transfer course for international students.

Apart from the full-time course, the college offers online courses for nursing candidates who want to continue their education while working part-time.

These degrees have been approved by the Higher Learning Commission and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

The college also has nursing accreditation from the State of Illinois and Missouri Nursing Boards. Admission prerequisites for nursing include a 3.5 GPA average, a CPR certificate, letters of reference, an admission essay, official transcripts of attending colleges etc.

Students should get in touch with the college to verify the admission requirements for the current academic year.

As the degrees are approved, the student can sit for accreditation exams or the nursing certifications called the NCLEX-RN exam.

After completing the course, the student can also opt for additional licensure from organizations like the National League for Nursing.


Job Outlook: Nursing Salary, Nursing Careers, and Nursing Jobs

The outlook for nursing jobs is quite good in the next decade. The US is experiencing a severe shortage of trained nurses and jobs are expected to increase by as much as 26% or by 3,449,300 in the coming decade.

Nursing jobs will open up in general hospitals, medical hospitals, private hospitals, physicians offices, home healthcare needs, nursing care facilities, emergency wards and for geriatric care.

As a result, trained nurses from the Blessing Rieman College of Nursing can expect a basic salary of about $44,190 which may increase to about $95,130 per year.

Most employers will also prefer candidates who have completed their doctoral degree and have additional certification in niche fields.

Even though the demand is high, most candidates are reluctant to enter the profession due to the extended training time and cost.

The government is now helping candidates to complete their education by offering grants, scholarships, diversity programs and even loan repayment programs to encourage candidates to join training hospitals.