This Is Much Better Than Your Average Amazon Product Reviews

Our content is focused on a wide variety of things. We love to research, write, and publish new content. Here are some possible scenarios that we could cover.

– Are your children are looking for the best dinosaur toys?

– Do you need to understand what is the latest fad such as fidget spinners?

– Are you preparing for your travel and searching online for a good selfie stick or a comfortable pair of flip flops?

– Would you like to buy a funny t-shirt for your college friend?

– Is it time to get a new coffee mug for work?

– Did you drop your old tablet and suddenly it is time to buy a new one?

– Are you searching for some specific item of clothing in a strange color?

– Do you simply want to replace your running shoes with the same exact brand and size you already purchased the last two times you went into a store?

– Are you searching online for a last-minute gift for your girlfriend and browsing through Amazon pages to find that weird pair of earrings she posted on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago?

If you remotely saw yourself in any of these scenarios, then this blog is the perfect place for you. Plus, we say things like they really are.

Let’s face it. The truth of the matter is that there are many fake reviews online and separating the good from the bad can be hard if you don’t know where to start from. There are two types of fraudsters out there:

1- those who are recommending anything and everything expensive just to make a quick buck on Amazon sale commissions, and

2- those who are being outright paid to write fake 5-star product reviews on Amazon in order to boost the product sales.

Although we are paid commissions in case you click on Amazon and complete a purchase, we write product reviews out of our own pleasure. And why can you trust in us? Well, let’s just say it is a lot of hassle and work upfront to publish a ton of product reviews and risk all that by lying through our teeth. It simply is not worth lying, on the contrary, being honest and telling things how they actually make this site much more authentic and, therefore, profitable. Being honest is to the best of our interests.