ATI Radeon HD 4770 Is the Best Value for Money in Building a Gaming Box


What is the purpose of an ATI Radeon HD 4770? It is a type of graphics card and it is one of the most important components in a personal computer. There are several key components within your computer.

If you are a PC enthusiast and want to build one, consider the price, quality, and even the compatibility of the components.

For example, a high performance graphics cards may require an additional fan and it may require a specific type of motherboard. In other cases the power supply is part of the compatibility issue.

Buy ATI Radeon HD 4770 for Affordable Price


Upgrading to a Better Machine

Those who purchased new PC games will soon realize that their integrated graphics cards are no longer effective in providing the graphics needed to play higher level games. It has something to do with the low Random Access Memory of the PC or the RAM built into the graphics card.

It is important to create a setup that keeps up with 2013 PC games. Gamers are looking for quality visuals and exceptional performance so that they can enjoy the experience of virtual games. Even a two-year old PC with a two-year old graphics cards may not work with a game released this year.


Use the Chart

Needless to say, upgrading an old PC or a low-end PC to a serious contender and ultra-efficient gaming box requires a ton of money. Thus, the graphics card hierarchy chart plays an important role in your rebuilding process. The chart gives the buyer quick access to information with regards to the graphics card’s value for money.

If the builder has a limited budget, then, the chart helps him or her find the best graphics card available in a certain price range. For instance, a quick review of the chart will reveal that the ATI Radeon HD 4770 is in the midrange. Thus, it will not blow your budget and yet it offers an enviable performance that other more expensive cards cannot provide.


The Advantages of the 4770

The 4770 card is compatible with DirectX 10.1, and has an impressive RAM with 512MB, boosted by a super-fast and efficient GDDR5 memory technology. In addition, the GPU uses the latest 40nm processing technology that was designed to significantly improve gaming performance.

Due to the GDDR5’s architecture, the 4770 enables higher data rates, thus users are made aware of superior performance, which is a critical feature of a gaming box. Those who are aiming for cinematic gaming at HD resolutions, they will not be disappointed if they purchase Radeon’s 4770.


More than a Gaming Platform

A fantastic gaming box is not only focused in the delivery of superior visual performance but also in the overall feel of the game. Thus the 4770 graphics card comes with ATI CrossFireX technology to enable scalability enhanced by GPU support.

The ATI Radeon 4770 HD graphics card is the best value for money because it is not only useful in the hands of gamers but also for people who are into video editing. The Radeon 4770 HD graphics card also delivers when it comes to video transcoding and in viewing Blu-ray movies.