American Electric Power – Delivering Power to American Consumers

American Electric Power is a foremost electric utility owner-investor in the US. It delivers electricity in 11 states to over 5 million consumers. This company ranks among the United States’ largest electricity generators, possessing about 38,000 megawatts of power generating capacity in the country.

AEP is also the owner of the country’s biggest electricity transmission system, about 39 thousand-mile networks including transmission lines at 765 kilovolts of ultra-high voltage, which is more than the combined network of all US transmission systems.

AEP Subsidiaries

AEP is divided into 7 major operating companies that include: AEP Ohio or the American Electric Power Ohio, Appalachian Power, AEP Texas, Kentucky Power, Indiana Michigan Power, Southwestern Electric Power Company and Public Service Company of Oklahoma.

General Analysis of Electric Supply Companies

Generally, electric supply belongs to a very valuable industry. This industry is responsible for the production as well as the delivery of electric power in adequate quantity to locations through either grid connections or private suppliers.

The grid is responsible for distributing power supply to consumers. Power for electricity is generated through central power stations or through distributed generation systems.

Electricity is power required by many businesses and households. This is especially true in developed and developing countries, which is why the demand is high.

Demand for electric power is generated from the need for electricity to power up domestic appliances, industrial machinery, office equipment and to supply adequate energy for commercial and household heating, lighting, cooking and other industrial processes.

Other Energy Suppliers in the United States

Aside from American Electric Power, there are other energy suppliers in the United States and among them is the Columbia Gas Ohio.

This company has its headquarters in Columbus, and it serves about 1.4 million consumers in residential, industrial and commercial categories. It is actually the largest natural gas supplier in the state of Ohio.

American Electric Power Leadership

When it comes to energy power distribution in the United States, there is no doubt that AEP is one of the leaders. Their mission is to bring comfort to their clients, support business and commerce and to build strong communities.

The company’s vision is to effectively maintain their position as the leader and as the biggest power generation and distribution provider in the United States. They aim to maintain their headship in technical innovation of electric power systems, transmissions systems, customer service, and environmental technology.

The company also has sustainable visions and aims to be the energy leader by promoting programs and innovative technologies that will protect the communities, manage their environmental impacts, promote energy usage efficiency, provide for client control over usage of electric power, and to provide for better access to natural and renewable energy resources.

The company simply aims to provide their consumers with advanced and clean energy supplies through the use of naturally resourced power.

AEP works hard with their regulators and stakeholders in order to achieve this objective through an approach that allows for maximized positive environmental, social and economic impacts of their operations.

AEP Values

American Electric Power shares its values for the betterment of their services as well as for the world in general.

Safety – AEP values safety above all else. They believe that the lives of people are still the most crucial than any operating cost or service urgency. The company’s first thought and its main consideration will always be the safety of its manpower, its customers and the general public.

Justice and Fairness – AEP also ensure that they will always do what is right and at the right time, all the time.

Trustworthiness – AEP is proud to have been able to develop a good and open communication with their clients and that has been achieved because they are reputed, to be honest, and straightforward all the time.

Responsibility — AEP takes responsibility for every action they do. This means they also live up to every high expectation of everyone.

Respect — AEP takes pride in respecting everyone at all times. They treat everyone fairly regardless of individual positions and ranks. The company also values people’s talents, experiences, and perspectives.

Caring — AEP maintains their honest aspiration to make the world a better place for everyone.

AEP Strategy

The company’s strategy is to provide safe services and performance with value in power generation, electric transmission, and energy distribution.

This strategy includes meeting the energy power needs of their consumers in means that improve everyone’s quality of life.
They also intend to help in the improvement of the environment as well as in the development of safety performance of their generating fleet and add more services to that fleet for expansion.

AEP sets the standards for efficiency, reliability, and safety in their electric transmission and energy distribution systems.
The company nurtures strong and prolific interactions with the public officials and government regulators.

AEP is simply an energy generating, transmitting and distributing company that is highly committed to social sustainability and responsibility. They are hands-on in their efforts to defend the public and the environment.

Finally, AEP aims to produce energy and supply it to their customers whenever needed. They supply along with the services that are efficiently performed with respect for the people and the environment.

The company admits that they are in the business because it is an honor for them to supply want the people to require. They simply like what they are doing, and they like it more because they get to earn from it while also providing a source of reliable income for a lot of people.

Everyone knows how much energy is needed for everyday living. Electricity is required for almost everything that a person is required to do. Regular household and commercial tasks cannot be performed without a good supply of energy.

Lastly, American Electric Power is the power generating company that tells pride in the fact that they have been supplying the most reliable electrical services in the nation. Their objective is to stay as the leader in energy distribution and power supply technology innovations.