A Power Company – The Trusted American Energy Consulting Company

A Power company

A Power Company is an American energy consulting company that specializes in the development and implementation of cost recovery, turnover improvement and risk alleviation solutions for organizations worldwide.

It is the country’s leading consulting company with capability and the vision to provide bottom line outcomes. They work at converting cost straight into profits in order to bring irrefutable value to companies.

History of A Power Company

This energy firm was established in 2011 and it has its headquarters in Haddam in Connecticut. The company’s years of experience and have successfully delivered quantifiable outcomes for the clients across different industries.

The company has been working on with their proven effective methodologies perfectly combined with only the most advanced profit generating and risk mitigating services in the industry. This sets them apart from other consulting firms in the world.

Success and Results Achievement

A Power Company has been reaping success for achieving effective results for their clients and this is due to the company’s unique set of expert professionals which include; consultants, program management experts and operational specialists, all of whom have years of direct energy industry experience.

Each person working on the team has been experts who worked with firms in their areas of expertise and each of them has willingly contributed their knowledge and learned skill for the benefits of their new company’s clients.

Profit Development and Risk Mitigation Solutions

Success has been very much possible for the company for the very simply reason that their experts have been using proprietary technology as well as database systems. These experts are all well versed in innovative pricing matrices, best energy practices and custom quotes, which are all utilized in gaining edge in providing their clients only the highest levels of energy recovery, cost development and risk mitigation servicing in the industry.

In their aim to provide only the best and the most effective solutions for their clients, this energy consulting company represents multiple energy suppliers in every deregulated State. This allows them to deliver the lowest costing electric and gas supplies.

Power Box

This energy solution is provided by this consulting company to provide small business and residential users with an effective plug-in management solution for energy requirement. This energy solution offers the consumers with the chance to efficiently utilize their energy need while reducing their monthly consumption over time.

This energy tool uses capacitance to boost the efficiency of electrical appliances being used everyday, such as; air conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, water pumps, electric fans, swimming pools and garage doors.
This energy solution tool is quite easy to install. Just plug it into the main breaker panel of your home and you get to affect all the inductive loads inside that panel. If such positioning is not possible, you can place this tool on the nearest circuit, which is usually found in the laundry room or the kitchen.

Green Electricity

If you are all about renewable energy use, then you will be happy to know that this energy consulting firm also provides Green Energy, which include solar and wind energy solutions. These services are aimed at providing companies with the best energy solution that will set off their industries’ carbon footprint while promoting the use of natural and renewable energy resources.

In order to get the most out of your natural energy supply, it is better if you can find the lowest charging green electricity provider.

Rates for Electric and Natural Gas

If you live in a deregulated State or area, this consulting firm can easily help you out in finding all electric and gas suppliers in order for you to find the one that offers the lowest possible rates.

Your monthly Electric Rates and Gas Rates will certainly be a lower if you will be able to find the most reliable supplier that offers the best services at the most affordable rates.
Suppliers you can choose from include but are not limited to: NextEra, Direct Energy, Champion, Trans Canada, Hess, Tri-Eagle, Hudson, Spark Energy, Liberty Power, First Energy, Dominion and ConEdison Solutions.

Energy Utility Audit

This energy consulting firm also offers auditing services on your previous utility bills. This allows you to track down your overcharged bills for up to three years back. This service can audit utility bills on gas, electric, water, telephone, Internet, sewage and data.

By using this service, you will have the chance to discover which among your utility suppliers had been overcharging you.
This auditing services works by finding the money that have been overcharged to you. Going back three years in the past will be done in order to recover the money charged by your local utility service providers. Once the auditing is done, the utility company will be informed and they will issue a check for refund, which usually happens 45 days after the audit.

The company’s auditing team is composed of people who have been working for over 30 years in performing audits. They have effectively combined their knowledge and skills in their aim to provide only the best auditing services for their clients.
These experts have been performing successful audits in 48 US States also in Canada and Mexico, and across almost all industries. Audits are done by the skilled auditing team. Everyone works hard and there are no auditing software or programs used just to save cost.

The company’s aim is to build strong and lasting relationships with their clients and they are very much concerned in keeping their reputation clean. Customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority and their main mission is to get as much refund as possible for all errors in charges and for every billing discrepancy.

The audits are performed thoroughly and carefully in order to eliminate the occurrence of any unnecessary changes to make sure that the consumers’ utility invoices will turn one hundred percent efficient and accurate.

Lastly, A Power Company has the unique ability to generate effective, valid and direct documentation of their findings which proves their professionalism. This professionalism, in turn is valued by every utility provider in the country.