8 Inch Heels and More Review


The 8-inch heels shoes are probably one of the most popular types of shoes for people who love stripping and pole dancing. Actually, 8-inch heels shoes are also called Stripper Heels. Heels are one of the most famous shoe varieties that women wear but according to historical records, men also wear heels before.


Types of Heels

There are a lot of different types of heels like the Kitten Heels, 2-inch heels, 4-inch heels, 5-inch heels, 6-inch heels, 7-inch heels, 8-inch heels, 9-inch heels, 10-inch heels, and 12-inch heels. Heels are worn by girls as a way to elongate and showcase their legs. Aside from making the legs look longer, it also flexes the calves to make the legs look fit and lean.


Kitten Heels

The Kitten Heels are probably the shortest of all heeled shoes. It is around 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches. It is also called as the “Trainer Heels” since it was the shoes used to train young girls around 13 years old to wear high heels. Though eventually, Kitten Heels become popular among older women as well.


Stiletto Heel

The Stiletto Heel is thin, long, and high heel usually found in boots and shoes for woman. The common length of Stiletto heels is listed as follows: 2-inch heels, 4-inch heels, 5-inch heels, 6-inch heels, 7-inch heels, 8-inch heels, 9-inch heels and 10-inch heels. There are even 12-inch heels stilettos. Among the famous designers of Stilettos are Alexander McQueen, Manolo Blahnik, Russell and Bromley and a lot more.


Alexander McQueen produced a collection of 12-inch heels stilettos in 2009 that garnered much attention since this heel collection was inspired by Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin. Most stilettos were worn with shorts, short dresses and skirts to emphasize the legs.



Pumps are considered the most practical heeled shoes with an average height of 2-inch heels to 4-inch heels. These shoes are usually made of leather and are padded for comfort. Pumps are usually worn by businesswoman as this adds height without causing off balance to the one wearing it.



Though wedges do not go as high as 8-inch heels, these heeled shoes are still famous. This is because these 2-inch heels to 5-inch heels shoes are the easiest to walk since there is more of the shoe surface that touched the ground. The very first wedge was developed by an Italian shoe designer name Ferragamo to help some women who were having a hard time wearing stilettos walk with ease.


Wedges are usually made of leather, acrylic, and jute and are worn with slacks, dresses, skirts, and shorts. Wedges are also popular during the summer and spring seasons.


Stripper Shoes

These 8-inch heels shoes are a hot commodity nowadays. A lot of exotic dancers and strippers prefer this kind of heeled shoes since they are usually lighter and easier to dance with compared to other heeled shoes. These 8-inch heels are usually made of clear plastic and light materials.


These shoes also come in different shades and designs. These are usually adorned with a different pattern such as laces, leopard prints, glitters, spikes and a lot more.


Heeled shoes undoubtedly add glamour and elegance to those who are wearing it. Whether these are 8-inch heels or 2-inch heels shoes, the person who is wearing it should be careful as these shoes can be quite dangerous.