6 Inch Heels Review

Putting on high heels, such as 6 inch heels, for the first time could turn out to be an unpleasant experience, as walking around in high heels needs some knowledge and practice.

There are many options available with high heels: 2-inch heels, 4-inch heels, 5-inch heels, 6-inch heels, 7-inch heels, 8-inch heels, 9-inch heels, 10-inch heels, 12-inch heels, and kitten heels being some of them.

With proper techniques, one can avoid injuries and allow the 6-inches to spin their magic extenuating and elongating your legs. The following are some of the steps or instructions that would make walking in high heels fairly easy and comfortable.


  • Stand and walk in the right posture. The chest should be held up to counterbalance the shoe angle and to engage the muscles around the lower abdominal region, which renders support to the lower back.
  • Use the knees to relax for preventing permanently bent or locked knees, when walking with that extra height of six inches.
  • Allow the hips to sway sideways; however, do not go overboard and sink into them. Sideway sinking would lead to loss of balance.
  • During the walk, the weight should be distributed over the shoe completely. The weight distribution should not just be about the heels and the toes. The mid portion of the feet should also be taken into consideration during weight distribution


Though heel shoes ooze with style and trendiness, most people still do not want to wear these shoes citing comfort reasons. Most people who wear high heels shoes like 6 inch heels for the first time complain of body pain.

This is not just because of the inclined base of the shoe, but it is also due to the fact that the feet are not accustomed to such stretching and positioning.

A lady who usually strolls around in her sneakers would definitely face such problems, as her feet are accustomed to the flatness of the sneakers. To avoid injury, the feet should be stretched both after and before wearing the heels.

Putting on high heels for long hours is not recommended, especially if the heels are narrow and as inclined as 6 inches. High heels are not meant for casual walking or trekking.

This is exactly the reason why people take off their high heels whenever they have to take the speed up their walk or take a short sprint.

As there is too much pressure on the feet with high heels, there should be frequent and adequate breaks in between to give the feet some rest.

Anyone who is trying these high heels for the first time, getting started with 6 inch heels is not a great idea.

To get accustomed to the raised platforms beneath the heel, one should start with shorter heels, such as the 2-inch ones. Once the smaller heels are mastered, one can move up to higher inches.

There are certain surfaces that are not compatible with high heels. Therefore, loose rugs, deep carpeting, and grass must be avoided when the 6-inch heels are on.