4 Inch Heels Review


4-inch heels or high heel shoes have been popular for several years and also in the news at times for the wrong reasons.

Though people who put on such heels rave about the convenience of high heels, the ones who despise high heel shoes often complain that such high heels are painful and uncomfortable.

With kitten heels, 6 inch heels, 8 inch heels, 5 inch heels, 10 inch heels, 12 inch heels, 7 inch heels, 2 inch heels, and 9 inch heels available as options, not all high heel shoes are uncomfortable to wear.

If one chooses the right heels, walking around in them throughout the day would feel like strolling in a pair of sneakers. There are certain things to be kept in mind while choosing 4 inch heels.


Start Small

If one is not used to wearing 4-inch heel shoes or if a lady is wearing her first pair, then a 4-inch heel would give nothing but pain. Starting with a 2 or 3-inch heel shoes is recommended to get used to the elevation underneath the foot.


Wider Heels

Go for the wider heels and not the stick-thin ones. Wider heels are great for people who find it difficult to walk on heels, as they offer increased balance and are also very comfortable when compared to walking on stilettos. Once you get accustomed to wider heels, shifting over to narrow heels would not be a huge problem.


Squishy Toes

Stay away from squishy toes; shoes that have a pointed toe at the front. These shoes would most certainly create problems at the bottom of the feet, and it would also create toe irritation.

If one still wants to buy these squishy toes, then ensure that the toes end exactly at the point where the shoes start to curve in.

The reach of the toe within the shoe can be tested by pressing on the shoe’s top and checking where the toes end.


Try Them On

The buyer should ensure that he has bought the right 4 inch heels shoe size. Trying heels without the socks on is one way to ensure that the shoe is of the right size.

As socks are not worn with high heels, checking the size of the shoe with the socks on would only get the buyer a larger size. Instead, the shoes should be tried on with a stocking sock.

Most shoe shops provide a pair to put on during shoe trials, however, one can always bring their own pair. If one buys a wrong size shoe, then it means that the wearer would have to constantly deal with extra space within the shoes, thereby making it difficult to walk properly. The better the fit of the shoes, the more comfortable it would be to walk around.


Feet Measurements

If one has never worn a 4 inch heels shoe, then getting the feet measured by a professional is mandatory. One should not walk out of the shop with the shoes without having walked in them for a few minutes. Walking around in the 4 inch heels shoes would give one an idea as to how the shoe feels at the toe and the heel.